England: 10/1 – 10/7

Sevenoaks [Housesit with Maisie] >>> Brighton [Housesit with Elmo and Moo]

10/1 – Skype with friends, Watch the FSU game
10/2 – Watch NFL game (actually in London!) and Trip Planning
10/3 – Travel from Sevenoaks to Brighton, start housesit with 2 rabbits- Elmo and Moo
10/4 – Trip Planning
10/5 – Relaxation!
10/6 – Skype with family back home, Explore Brighton!
10/7 – Finalizing plans for Italy

Day 2 of Housesit in Sevenoaks, Skype with friends, Watch the FSU game
+ Liz woke up much earlier than Corey today and went downstairs to take care of Maisie and work on the blog. Buttttt she got distracted and instead did a complete overhaul of our YouTube channel. We have posted 300+ videos (mind you, most are only about 10 seconds long from our backed-up Snapchats) and they were all a mess and not rotated correctly, etc. Liz learned how to use the Video Editing tool on YouTube and then grouped the videos into categories by country. Much better! Now to get people to actually watch these! Oh well, at least now it will be easy for us to look back on these once we return home.
+ After Corey got up and had breakfast himself, he worked on our daily Evernote entries to get them ready for the blog and getting everything up to date with it. There were still a few unfinished weeks that needed writing and editing before they could be posted online.
+ We took a break to Skype with our friends Jamez and Sarah (and their two young daughters) back in in Orlando. We really enjoy speaking with family and friends back home!
+ Lunch consisted of some curry soup and spicy chili which were both very tasty. Then we continued to work on the blog and pictures until around 8:30 which is when the FSU game started. Then we watched that on the tablet while enjoying some new British beers we’d never tried before!
+ The game ended horribly with the other team making a long last second kick to win and we were both so bummed afterwards that we didn’t do too much else before calling it a night.

Day 3 of Housesit in Sevenoaks, Watch NFL games and trip planning
+ There was an NFLgame that was taking place in London today between the Jags and Colts. We’d considered going but decided to save our money (and time) and just watch it on TV instead.
+ So while that game played in the background, we worked on the tablet and computer on different things and enjoyed a lunch of frozen pizza.
+ The day passed by quickly and after cooking some dinner we sat on the couch to watch the movie Braveheart. We’d talked about watching it when we did our Campervan tour through Scotland (since Liz had never seen it) and now we finally got around to doing so.
+ When that was over, we cleaned a lot of stuff and readied ourselves to leave the next day. Then we settled in our comfy bed for our last night in Sevenoaks.

Travel from Sevenoaks to Brighton, start housesit with 2 Rabbits, Elmo and Moo
+ We had to wake up early today to leave the house and walk the 20 minutes to the train station. Our time watching over Maisie had already ended and we were leaving Sevenoaks to travel down to Brighton. Our first housesit was actually right near Brighton in a town called Hove and we really enjoyed the 2 short trips that we made into Brighton. We were excited to be going back!
+ Liz’s leg was hurting a little bit so our walk to the train station was a little slower than normal. As our public transportation luck would have it, we made it to the platform just in time to see the doors close and the train pull away. We’d missed it by seconds. Again. We seriously hate public transportation.
+ So what should have been a 90 minute journey to Brighton from that minute took over double that length of time with train delays and 3 train changes. Finally around 1 we arrived in Brighton and started our walk to the housesit. Along the way we grabbed some burritos to go from a local Mexican restaurant that looked quirky and appealing. The burrito was much smaller than advertised however. The sign said 10 inch burrito but in reality it was about 5 inches. Maybe they used a 10 inch tortilla? Even still, it was false advertising but delicious.
+ When we arrived to our housesit, we could immediately tell how different the house was from where we’d just come. This townhouse was much older and smaller than the Sevenoaks house. We’ve been spoiled by the renovated, modern, expansive homes we’ve been looking after! But that was to be expected, this townhouse is within walking distance to Brighton’s great atmosphere of shops and restaurants so real estate is at a premium! The homeowners own an interior design business here in Brighton so they had chosen very unique furniture pieces to decorate and make the best use of the small space.
+ The first thing we did was to go meet the rabbits we’d be looking after – Moo and Elmo. They had their own little house on the back patio with a tube connected to an outdoor play area they could access. One of the rabbits, Moo, was the biggest rabbit we had ever seen! They were both very friendly and happy to see us, mainly because that meant we were bringing them food!
+ We got them all set up with their lunch and gave them each a pat. (We were too nervous to pick them up just yet) We sent some picture updates to the homeowners as we didn’t get to meet them before they left on vacation.
+ After getting settled and eating lunch ourselves, we did some work for a little bit and then headed upstairs to take a little nap.
+ In the evening, we walked the 5-10 minutes into where all the shops and restaurants were located and did some grocery shopping and grabbed dinner.
+ That night, we took care of the Rabbits again and then watched a few episodes of Parks and Recreation before going to sleep. We had to put on our thermal underwear and cuddle up since it was so cold! We were glad we’d be leaving the UK before winter officially started!

Day 2 of Housesit in Brighton, Figure out future travel plans
+ With our time in the UK quickly dwindling down, we needed to make some decisions about our future travel plans soon! The problem was however, that we were still waiting to hear back from Spaceships Campervan rentals about the relocation deal from Italy to London as well as a possible housesit in a Greek villa(!) we had applied for. So until we had those exact travel dates pinned down, we’d be unable to book flights and accommodation.
+ After a few calls to Chase and some more planning, we settled down on the couch and watched some movies and shows.
+ We also went back to the grocery store and picked up all the supplies we’d need for the next few days.
+ Back at the house, we cooked dinner and then hung out and watched some Parks and Recreation episodes. We were getting close to the end of the whole series!

Day 3 of Housesit in Brighton, Relaxation!
+ Today was largely uneventful as we did more of the same as the other days. Research, planning, and work on the devices and watching some movies and shows in between.
+ We also took some pictures of the rabbits to send more updates to the homeowners. During the photo shoot, the small white rabbit, Elmo, seized the opportunity and bounded out the door of the shed! Luckily there really wasn’t anywhere for him to go since their back patio is completely walled in. Despite no exact escape route, he was very fast and difficult to catch! Corey was inside the house and didn’t even notice Liz repeatedly running up and down the small stairs outside chasing after this little white furry blur!
+ After a few minutes, Liz cornered Elmo and picked him up to carry him back into the shed. He happily went back to munching on hay with Moo and all was well once again.
+ That night ended with some more movie screenings and chatting with friends back home.

Day 4 of Housesit in Brighton, Skype with family back home, Explore Brighton
+ After our morning routine with the bunnies and breakfast, we hung out at the house and worked on more trip planning.
+ In the late afternoon we headed out to a burger restaurant that had won awards for the best burgers in the entire southern UK! Including London! It was called Burger Brothers and although it was a tad expensive, they really were delectable and fulfilled Liz’s craving for a proper cheeseburger (her favorite food)!
+ From there, we walked around Brighton, exploring new shops and alleyways. We eventually found ourselves at the Brighton Pier and decided to walk out to the end and watch the magnificent orange and pink sunset along the way.
+ The pier was surprisingly long and packed with all sorts of carnival-type games and rides, including roller coasters and haunted houses. Being from Orlando and having previously experienced all of this and more, we chose to just walk through and people watch.
+ On our way back to the house, we ducked into a pet store to look around and spoke with the nice owner from Scotland.
+ For dinner, we cooked what had become our favorite meal in these housesits: Fajitas!
+ At night, we Skyped with family back home as they prepared for the impending chaos Hurricane Matthew would bring in just a few hours.
+ Then we watched the last 4 episodes of the Parks and Recreation TV series! It has become our favorite show and although the ending was excellent, we were sad to know it was over.

Day 5 of Housesit in Brighton, Planning for Italy!
+ Although Liz was now almost completely over her cold, she had passed it on to Corey and now he was experiencing the worst of it. So in the morning he was feeling really sick and was unable to sleep well all night.
+ There was a construction crew next door that started working at 8 am everyday and hammering away very loudly. This was particularly annoying because we were expecting a package delivery but didn’t have a specific day/time it would arrive. So for 3 days in a row, whenever we were awoken by sounds that were very much like someone knocking on our door, we’d hurry downstairs only to find no one at the door. Very frustrating.
+ When we finally got up on our own prerogative, we fed the rabbits, showered, and ate breakfast. Then we started laundry as we researched some places in Italy and Greece.
+ Our package finally arrived so we could leave the house without worry we’d miss it. Hooray! So we took our laundry over to a laundromat (they did not have a dryer here in the house, as was the case with almost every place we’d stayed in Europe.) Since we were leaving tomorrow we wanted to make sure everything was dry and ready to go instead of crossing our fingers things would dry overnight.
+ After that we walked to a nearby coffee shop called Presuming Ed and did some trip planning there for a change of scenery. This coffee shop fit in well with the rest of Brighton with it’s quirky almost hipster decorations and welcoming friendly feel.
+ We both love the whole atmosphere of Brighton with its unique shops, cafes, restaurants and quirky specialty shops all winding through the small walking lanes only a few blocks from the sea. This being our 2nd stay in the area, Liz has decided she could definitely see herself moving to Brighton or at least returning for many vacations.
+ For dinner, we cooked hamburgers and french fries back at the house! We’d come upon a sweet offer at the grocery store that involved buying four 1/2 pound pattys and a huge bag of fries for super cheap. It was so much food that we didn’t even finish it all and left some leftovers in the freezer for the homeowners!
+ Since it was our last night, we packed up all of our stuff and then we watched the movie Keanu, which was hilarious!
+ After trip planning for the last few days with so many details still up in the air, we finally heard back from people and were able to make some decisions. The housesit at the Greek villa didn’t work out as it was going to be a very rural location (maybe not the best for 2 people with ZERO greek language skills) but we did find a fantastic deal on a campervan relocation deal! So we were finally able to buy plane tickets— We are off to Naples!

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