Guatemala: 1/15 – 1/21


All week at San Pedro on Lake Atitlan!


+ Woke up and had a hearty breakfast at our Homestay before heading off to school for another 5 hours. Corey’s teacher is Chusita and is only 5 days older than Corey. Liz’s teacher is Evelyn and super nice and thinks Liz Is very funny!
+ We get to move to different private cabanas every day at different points around the lake. The school definitely lives up to it’s billing as having the most idyllic setting for studying Spanish in all of Guatemala!
+ Went back to our house and had a spicy lunch with our family and met some new students who checked in that day (James from London and Jonathan from California).
+ Spent the afternoon walking around San Pedro and exploring all of the fun restaurants, shops, bars and hotels. Found really unique and interesting places to go back to during our time here in San Pedro.
+ Had dinner back at our Casa and then went with James to Hostel Fe to play trivia (in English) with a bunch of American tourists and Ex pats.
+ During trivia breaks they had fun games to play. Corey participated in a beer chugging contest against 25 other people and barely lost.
+ Then we played a game where everyone stood up and guessed heads or tails when the host flipped a coin. If you got it wrong, you sat down. After 7 rounds, only James and 1 girl were left standing (out of about 100 people). James had picked heads every single time and somehow it was heads every time! James went heads once more and she went tails and James won! Our table won 3 free liters of beer and James won 100 Quetzals!
+ Afterwards we went to the town square because the town was celebrating the newly elected mayor with a live band and lots of dancing and delicious food and drinks. We only partook in the last 2!
+ Went back to house and passed out.

+ Slept in but Rosa had saved us pancakes for breakfast! Yum!
+ Ate all three meals with homestay and spent the day relaxing in the hammock.
+ Tried to upload pictures with still no luck!
We’ve tried different programs but they all seem to take forever and do not work!

+ Planned to go to Panajachel (another town on the lake) but Liz woke up very sick to her stomach.
+ After a few hours, we found a  local bbq place only open on Sundays.
+ The grill master was from Tallahassee!
+ Corey enjoyed the delicious food and humungous buffet of southern fare. Liz unfortunately had no appetite.
+ Stuffed, we waddled back to the house.
+ Liz took a siesta to try to feel better while Corey watched The Revenant.
+ Corey went to trivia in the evening as Liz was still sleeping to feel better. Corey teamed up with a only spanish speaking guy and they struggled to understand each other all game. Lol
+  Corey ate street tacos for dinner and we watched The Intern. Liz munched on crackers.
+ (Our homestay includes 3 meals every day except Sundays.)
+ Studied Spanish for a few hours until bedtime.

+ Liz woke up feeling much better and hopefully almost over her stomach bug.
+ Spanish school from 8-1
+ We took one more siesta to make sure Liz is over her stomach troubles.
+ After dinner, walked around town and found a nice cafe called Jakuu. Corey ordered Uno chocolate frio (cold chocolate milkshake). And Liz ordered a liquado  (smoothie) with melon and strawberry.

+ Woke up to another delicious Homestay breakfast of chocolate crepes with bananas!
+ Español Escuela de Ocho a Una
+ After lunch with our Familia, we decided to catch a boat on the other side of San Pedro to go to a different pueblo across the lake called San Marcos.
+ Walked around the town exploring the different stores and restaurants, but very small place and we walked the whole place in about 30 minutes.
+ Went to the main attraction of San Marcos which is a tiny national park with a little bit of hiking trails and a “trampoline” (really just a platform up high) to jump off of into Lake Atitlan.
+ Watched a group of Canadian guys try to outdo each other with various failed flips and dives (nearly all resulting in back flops).
+ Corey jumped 5 times, Liz jumped 50 times (minus 50)! She says someone had to be the expert photographer.
+ Watched the sunset from up on the mountain and then caught the last boat back to San Pedro.
+ Had dinner with our family and spent the evening talking with all of the NYU pre med students staying at the house.

+ The usual morning routine of breakfast with the fam and 5 hours of Spanish School, of which Corey and Liz are having very different experiences with. Liz loves her teacher and they spend about half of each day laughing and talking about life (in Español). While Corey’s maestra is much more serious and their 5 hours feels much more like intensive study boot camp.
+ After lunch we went to an Internet cafe to edit and upload photos, and also research for Antigua.
+ Went to Conversation club at the school, which is sitting around a table with 4-5 other students and 1 teacher playing games and discussing current event topics in Spanish. Very helpful and interesting to hear the perspectives of other people from other countries.
+ After some delicious Homestay dinner, we were in the mood for some more trivia so we headed over to a local bar with James, our British roommate. Much harder quiz than last Friday night! Corey was craving chicken wings and these were the best in town so he got to fulfill his Buffalo Wild Wings addiction.
+ After fun times, back to the Casa to do our Spanish homework, albeit slightly drunk.

+ After waking up, breakfast was a little late at the house so Liz and I rushed to school as quickly as possible.
+ Another different, yet very impressive lunch at the house afterwards. Corey’s new favorite phrases are “Tengo mucho hambre” (I am very hungry), and “Mas Por Favor” (more please).
+ Lunches in Guatemala are the biggest meal of the day and it is also common to put Salsa Picante on nearly everything, which Corey loves (but his stomach not so much!).
+ Corey was very tired (more so his brain) so he took a siesta while Liz was productive on the tablet.
+ Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around town buying gifts for our teachers, homestay family, and some school supplies for kids in a program called Ninos del Lago.
+ Tonight we chose to skip dinner with the family (luckily since it ended up being eggs and black beans – Yuck!). Instead we went to a really cool restaurant/hotel on the lake that was supposed to have an all you can eat pizza buffet. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens in Guatemala, information is not always accurate. So no buffet, but we did still get a big delicious pizza that fed both of us for about $8.
+ Back at the house for our last night, we spent the evening talking with the family (and sharing a 2 liter of coke) and getting to know them better.
+ Corey also had Spanish homework to listen to songs in Spanish and deciphering as much as possible and writing it in English. So he thought of the slowest song he could think of to make it as easy as possible: My heart will go on, from Titanic! The girls of the family all knew the words and thought it was hilarious that I was listening (and trying to sing to) it.

 Check out Facebook for more pictures of Guatemala!

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