Belize and Guatemala. 1/1-1/7

Belize City  》》》Caye Caulker  》》》San Ignacio  》》》 Flores, Guatemala


+Louis,the owner of Red Hut Inn, drove us to the water taxi
+Took water taxi to Caye Caulker
+found the last 2 beds in Dirty McNasty hostel. (our room is very cluttered, messy with condoms in shower. Yuck. From what we hear, other rooms are actually nice)
+ Went walking looking for a tour for Blue Hole. Most businesses are closed due to the holiday.
+Found the very last reservations at Blue Sea for diving/snorkeling tomorrow!
+ Walked more of the island. watched sunset at “The Split”.
+ Went back to hostel and socialized with people thanks to the nightly free rum punch.
+Left and went to restaurant. Split yummy jerk chicken. Shared table with Jake- fashion designer from NY.
+ went back to the  hostel to post on blog

+ Met at Blue Seas at 530am for breakfast (Forgot our mask and snorkels, rashguard, and go pro! Ugh!) (Packing up for the day in a completely dark hostel dorm makes it very easy to forget things!)
+ Left for 3 dives by 630am: blue hole, half moon caye, long caye (Corey dove, Liz snorkeled)
+ Got soaked in the back of the boat. But at least not sea sick!
+ Blue Hole snorkel: AWESOME! Cuttlefish, 2 stingrays, TONS of fish, healthy brain coral, airplanes flying low overhead.
+ Blue Hole dive: ~150ft deep, Super awesome! 3 sharks, stalactites, grouper, tons of fish
+ Half Moon Caye dive: ~90ft deep, 3 sea turtles, lots of sharks, starfish, unique fish, big coral reef wall
+ Half Moon Caye snorkel: super shallow, right up close with fish! Tiny little lionfish, sea cucumbers, HUGE nurseshark ~9ft long, tons of Queen conch, beautiful sea anemones of all different colors
+ Delicious lunch of rice, chicken, coleslaw on  Half Moon beach. All the water+coke we can drink.
+ Water came in little bags! Like a juice box but with no form! Had to bite it open with your teeth
+ Bird tower on Half Moon Caye. Nesting grounds for great frigate birds and red footed boobies! (We were told this is the only place to see them besides the Galapagos)
+ Met nice mom and daughter from San Diego area. Will need to email them pictures
+ Long caye dive: coreys favorite, 2 turtles, 2 moray eels swimming, maybe octopus?,  huge tarpon, stonefish, big lionfish
+ Long caye dive: too deep for really great snorkeling visibility . But still lovely to roll about in the water!
+ Talked with nice Australian couple on way back to land
+ Made it back to hostel around 5pm and showered successfully despite yucky shower.
+ Ate dinner at hostel. Fresh lobster tails and rice and beans for  $7.50 us!

+ Ate breakfast and checked out of hostel
+  Said goodbye to my bunkmate, Frankie  from UK. Will probably see her in San Ignacio in a few days.
+  All Atms out of money on the island!
+ Caught 12pm water taxi back to Belize city.
+ Briefly walked through Belize City to find ATM after getting off water taxi. Everything was closed as it was a Sunday. Lots of unsavory characters out and about.
+ Caught taxi from water taxi to bus station.
+ Found chicken bus to Benque and hopped on.
+ Jumped off at Belize Zoo. Zoo was small and quaint. Filled with native Belize species. Most were rescues from the pet trade. (see facebook for pictures)
+ The onward bus to San Ignacio comes by the zoo every hour. When we got to the bus stop, we were informed we had JUST missed the bus by a few minutes. Waited at the bus stop for another hour as it was getting dark for the next bus to come by. Don’t worry, we had our bug spray!
+ Hopped on the bus to San Ignacio and continued our journey for the next ~2hrs.
+ Arrived in San Ignacio and found Bella Backpackers hostel. Rooms got a bit mixed up so we were assigned a loft.
+ Split a quick dinner at Han-Nah’s of quesadillas and chamomile tea for Liz. (Liz caught a cold in Caye Caulker. ugh)
+ Talked the evening away with a nice guy named Brady from Arkansas with similar camping interests as Corey.

+ Slept in and found lunch at Eva’s
+Booked Tour of Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) for tomorrow
+ Rainy day in San Ignacio so we relaxed and researched. Talked with some fellow travelers we had previously met in Caye Caulker.
+ Ate dinner at same place and had delicious pork tacos this time!

+ Woke up and checked out to meet at tour at 7am.
+ Toured ATM caves. Our group had 8 people and 1 guide. It was a fantastic tour! Swimming through the cave, scrambling up rocks, under formations and through seemingly impossible gaps. Really interesting artifacts and skeletal remains (!) from 600-950 AD.
+ The tour included a traditional Belizean lunch where we met 2 Americans, Sarah and Cliff, following a very similar itinerary as us.
+ Traveled the 1hr ride back to San Ignacio. Checked into the Old House Hostel. Complete with dog and kitten.
+ Ate dinner at local pizza stand.

+ Checked out of the hostel and went to Pop’s for lunch to try to fry Jacks we had been hearing so much about. Fry jacks are like airy, fried croissants. Yum!
+ Took a taxi to the border. Crossed into Guatemala but had trouble finding the bus.
We ended up on a sketchy collectivo but arrived in Flores safely.
+ Rode in our first Tuk Tuk! The collectivo dropped us off in the city of Flores. The tuk tuk took us across the bridge to our hotel Villa Del Lago on Isle de Flores.
+ Walked around the island and had a few beers at local happy hours. Ate dinner at roadside stands: empanada, plantains?, huge piece of chocolate cake!
+ Met up with Sarah and Cliff again. Chatted about their adventure getting into Flores as well.
+ Before headed back to hotel, we stopped by the city square. There was a very rowdy rock concert just starting. Guatemalan group singing mostly 80s American songs all in English. Very odd. But everyone seemed to love it!
+ Did “laundry” in our bathroom sink for the 1st time!

+ Spent the morning finalizing plans for our homestay with San Pedro Spanish school.
+ Our shuttle to Tikal picked us up at 1pm from our hotel.
+ Guided tour of Tikal! This complex was much larger than any of the other ruins we had visited in Mexico. Lots of turkeys and spider monkeys. Enjoyed sunset views from Temple IV. That’s the same viewpoint used in Star Wars episode IV!! (It’s the scene where the Millennium Falcon is approaching the rebel base.)
+ Ate dinner at Cool Beans Cafe. Chupo, the owner, is super accomodating and friendly ( and spoke good English). Cool Beans had a lot of coffee and beer varieties to choose from.
+ Went home to get ready for our long day of travel to Semuc Champey tomorrow.

Check out Facebook for more photos from our time in Belize!

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