Mexico and Belize: Daily Itinerary: 12/25/15 to 12/31/15

Hello everyone! I’ll also be posting our daily itineraries here. We’ve made a habit of keeping these logs on our trips to remind us of all the little things that are often forgotten. Feel free to only read our summary posts or dive right in and read the nitty gritty too!

***WordPress is giving me problems uploading our pictures so we will  be adding the majority of pictures to facebook.

Cancun 》》》Play Del Carmen》》》 Tulum 》》》 Chetumal 》》》 Belize City

December 25th:
+ Arrived in cancun.
+Found shuttle to take us to suites costa blanca
+Walk to public beaches
+walk around touristy area
+used atm for 1st time
+ate at small taco place next door to Mextreme  (waiters carried the margaritas stacked on their head at Mextreme!)
+research at Starbucks (wifi at our hotel was unreliable)

+research and breakfast at Starbucks
+rode city bus to ado station with mexican singer
+jumped on bus to playa!
+checked in to enjoy playa hostel
+walked around 5th Avenue ( just like Duval street)
+ate at El pirate — — we asked local what caramon meant- she said (with accent) “shrimp”and corey said “sheep? baaaa” and the lady said si!  Lolololol—–
+researched until 3am. Then both climbed ladders to top bunks.  Felt like ninja warrior lololol

+bought new daypack. The one we have was two small for gear for 2 people.
+caught bus to Tulum
+ found secret garden hostel (next night’s accomodation). Met Medi- very helpful with tips for getting around
+ got caught in light rain as we walked to Hostel Che for the night. dug out rain covers for bags. walked a block and realized we matched our rain covers! corey was wearing blue shirt and carrying two blue bags. I was wearing pink shirt and had my giant pink rain cover!
+ ate at papaya pizza for dinner

+saw an agouti???
+ rode 2nd class bus to Coba. Standing room only for 1hr ride
+ met Wisconsin friend (“Deepo?”) Who lives in Thornton park! Gave out our first contact card!
+explored Coba by bike ( liz enjoyed tiny child’s bike)
+ chatted with family from Winston Salem usa. I noted the Mayan engraving looked like a tea kettle NC family laughed
+checked in to secret garden hotel
+rented bikes.
+ rode bikes to beach side of tulum.— lots of stars at night , we were happy we had our headlamps! Very dark. Fireflies??
+ stopped at giant mega supermarket for groceries
+rode back to hotel , then ate at small taco restaurant with meat and pineapple on a spit

+rode bikes and took collectivo to tulum ruins.
+saw 2 coatimundi as we walked into ruins!
+entered tulum ruins by 8 to beat crazy crowds! Saw giant white iguana
+caught collectivo  to dos ojos. Snorkeled Dos ojos. Bats flying overhead! Tiny fish in the water lots of cave diving!
+ caught ride back to dos Ojos base with nice couple from Mexico City
+rode collectivo back to bikes. (Lots of women in fancy white clothes with tons of makeup- going to a party?)
+rode bikes back to shop and returned.
+ate at roadside quesadilla and sopa shop
+made it to bus station just in time
+arrived in chetumal. Got crazy bread from little Ceasars.
+taxi to Hostel Paakal. Fell asleep by 9!

+ slept in
+ walked to bus station to find out about Belize tickets
+ took a taxi to Lago bacalar
+swam in Lago bacalar. Directed taxi how to get back to hostel
+ate dinner at Foresteros. They took our picture and put it up on screen. Silly.
+ researched

+ met Amy from NC at Paakal hostel. Also headed to caye caulker
+ caught chicken bus to Belize city
+ crossed Mexican border and paid exit tax.
+ went through customs at Belize border
+ jumped off bus at right moment to walk across the street to hotel “Red Hut Inn”
+ owner Luis, made us dinner. Delicious fish, potatoes and cilantro salad
+met and ate dinner with nice french woman traveling alone. Discussed her past travels: costa rica, laos, etc
+celebrated the new year with a nice couple from DC area! Shared some champagne and Belizean Rum made down the road from our Inn.


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