Casa Sweet Casa

UPDATE: Posting this from the water taxi station in Belize City! More pictures to come! Happy New Year everyone!

Alright! I finally found time to update the blog! I’m stealing a few minutes here in Chetumal, Mexico to get you a quick update (while also keeping an eye on the FSU bowl game on our tablet here. Go Noles!)

Being as we are still in the holiday season (the high season), all of Mexico has been incredibly busy. We have only been able to book one night at a time, up until our 2 night stay here in Chetumal. This does not make it easy to relax and “travel slowly” as we are packing up and moving every day.

That being said, I’ll share some pictures below of our accomodations in Mexico! (Click the tile for a bigger view) We’ve stayed in suites, hotels, hostels and an inn. Each place has been completely different. Some surpassing expectations and some not quite meeting them… All part of the adventure!

Cities Visited:

  • Cancun
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Tulum (our favorite)
  • Chetumal
  • Belize City

Sites Seen: (pictures coming soon! I promise)

  •  Cancun tourist hub
  •  Playa Del Carmen tourist hub (very similar to Duval Street in Key West)
  • Tulum: Beach
  • 2 coatimundi ran across our path at the Tulum ruins! (monkey+racoon like animals) Click here to see what I’m talking about.
  • Coba ruins
  • Tulum ruins
  • Dos Ojos Cenote
  • Lago Bacalar
  • Mexican life!

Poor Corey bumps his head A LOT due to his height.
We need to work on our Spanish. (spanish school in Guatemala here we come!)
Mexico is full of friendly people.
No two hostels/hotels/inns are EVER the same.

In a few minutes, we are leaving to grab a “chicken bus” and cross the border to Belize!”

Adios Mexico!



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